Representing The Brandy Lake Association

Welcome to Brandy Lake!

Brandy Lake is part of a large and diverse watershed, in which Brandy Creek is the main water source.  Brandy Creek winds through a large, diverse wetland before it enters the lake in the northeast corner. The creek exits in the southeast corner of the lake and drains into Lake Muskoka.

Brandy Lake derives its name and colour from the tannin, leaves, and other vegetation growing in its watershed which extends eastward almost to Bracebridge.  The water’s rich colour is similar to the many lakes in Algonquin Provincial Park. Brandy Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in Muskoka, and home to many fish species. 

The Brandy Lake Association was the first ‘small’ Muskoka Lake to join the Muskoka Lakes Association’s Water Quality Initiative in 2001, and became the leader amongst the smaller Muskoka lakes in this important program.  The BLA has a team of dedicated volunteers who take water samples from 10 different lake locations. Over the past sixteen years, the results have proven that Brandy Lake continues as a productive lake with a healthy shoreline and engaged residents.

Facts about Brandy Lake

  • 108 ha (267 acres) in size
  • Up to 8 m deep (26 ft)
  • 10 km of perimeter shoreline
  • 140 properties on ten different roads
  • both cottages and year-round residences

Safe Drinking Water

Samples of your drinking water can be dropped off for testing in Gravenhurst.  Call 705-721-7520 or 705-721-7520

Buildings and Structures

Township of Muskoka Lakes by-laws change from time to time and you are advised to call the Township office at 705-765-3156 before undertaking any building or renovating. The Township web address is

Recommended Practices on Brandy Lake

Phosphorus Management: Please do your part to prevent phosphorus runoff into the lake.  Ensure your septic system is in good condition, and use only cleaning products that are phosphorus free.  Do not use soap products to bathe in the lake. Use fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides only in locations that do not drain into the lake.  Keeping existing vegetation and shrubs at the shoreline helps keep the lake healthy.

Noise: Remember that sound travels over water.  The music you listen to may not be enjoyable for your neighbours.  Please keep noise levels at a minimum.

Dark Sky Lighting: The Township supports a dark sky policy.  Dark skies benefit residents and wildlife.

Safe Boating: Avoid driving your boat over 10 km/hour within 30 metres of the shoreline, and be respectful of everyone on the lake.

Outdoor Fires: Outdoor fires are prohibited during daylight hours (by Township by-law).

Fireworks: Fireworks are only permitted on Friday and Saturday nights, Victoria Day & Canada Day until 11 pm (by Township by-law)         

Please report dangerous activity to the OPP at 888-310-1122



The Brandy Lake Association was created by residents on the lake.  The Association is committed to working cooperatively with residents, other local associations, and local municipalities to monitor Brandy Lake and its watershed.

The key objectives of the association are:

  • To provide a unified voice in all matters pertaining to Brandy Lake’s water quality, shoreline, watershed, and adjacent lands, and;
  • To initiate programs and services that will contribute to the overall health of the lake and its watershed.The association welcomes input and participation from all members in;
  • Yearly events including the summer Brandy Lake Social, the association’s annual general meeting, and the Brandy Lake summer regatta.  Please check our social media feeds for updates on events that occur regularly throughout the year;
  • The BLA website ( where information about the lake and activity on the lake are posted regularly….sign into the website and get regular updates;
  • Opportunities to learn more about how your activities as a resident or guest can contribute  to Brandy Lake’s long term health, and how Brandy Lake’s robust watershed supports clean water and productive fish habitat, and;
  • Initiatives that occur within the watershed that need volunteers to do water monitoring, attend meetings and participate in Muskoka’s future!


Important Phone Numbers



South Muskoka Memorial Hospital

75 Ann Street, Bracebridge

705 645 4404

Port Carling Community Health Hub

147-3 Medora Street, Port Carling

(705) 765-7665

Township of Muskoka Lakes

1 Bailey Street, Port Carling

705 765 3156


New Cottage Owners Visitors

Long-Time Residents