Representing The Brandy Lake Association

Brandy Lake Association Strategic Plan

Dec 22, 2020

Greetings from Brandy Lake! 

We hope this finds you and your family safe and preparing for a safe, physically distanced or properly bubbled holiday season wherever you are! 

Brandy Lake is fully covered with ice, but it is still very thin in several areas, so we urge extreme caution as always when venturing out onto the lake at this time of year.  Everyone is hoping for a white Christmas, but so far, our snowfalls keep melting with warming weather!  We hope that if you are not already at the lake when you receive this, that you find some time to enjoy winter at the lake over the 20-21 winter season.

The Brandy Lake Association executive is very pleased to provide to you with a draft of our very first association strategic plan.  This was first requested by the membership at the 2019 AGM and is based on responses to the membership survey that many of you completed in 2019.  The topics that are covered have been developed specifically from the membership survey.  Thank you again for your participation in the survey; it helped provide valuable information and formed the basis for this plan.

We worked on the plan for most of this year but found it very difficult to finalize with all of the COVID restrictions and the executive committee not being able to meet in person.  We would have preferred to have a special meeting to present this to the membership, but it seems that it will still be a while before we can meet in person.  We did not want to delay further, and so we are sending this out to you for review, so that we can incorporate your comments and finalize the plan early in 2021.

This strategic plan, as with most strategic plans, is a living document, designed to be reviewed and updated regularly.  It will guide the activities of the Association and will continue to be based on your valuable input. If you would like to provide comments or suggestions, please return your ideas to this email address by January 22, 2021.  We will review the comments and finalize the plan so that it can be distributed to all our members in the spring of 2021.

Please read through the plan and provide input on the plan in general, but specifically on parts of the plan that need more detail or additional information, or if there are topics that we missed.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to read the plan and helping us maintain the vision of Brandy Lake as a healthy vibrant community!

On behalf of the executive committee of the Brandy Lake Association, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season!! 

Don Burn
President, Brandy Lake Association


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