Representing The Brandy Lake Association

Highlights from 2018

Jun 14, 2019

Our AGM had the greatest attendance in a number of years and a very positive and productive level of participation.  Thanks were extended to departing executive members Fred Kelsey and Donna Trella for their contributions in the past years. Margrit Kroll was acclaimed the new Director at Large and the current executive, listed at the bottom of this newsletter, were introduced. This year’s AGM will be Aug. 24th. Please plan to join us.

Water quality and water testing, protecting Brandy lake from blue/green algal blooms, monitoring District and Municipal Official Plans for impact on site development and the replacement and maintenance of the beaver baffles and buoys marking the bedrock reefs in the travelled portion of the lake will continue to be priorities.  Due to fall rainfall events impacting the water levels and consequently the safety of the installation of the new beaver baffles, this project was deferred to this coming season. All is ready and it will be completed as early as possible when conditions are met. New buoys have been ordered and will also be installed in the spring. Following discussion at the AGM, we are also committed to a proposal to develop a guiding plan moving forward for the lake. Your input will be important in this process so look for an opportunity later this spring. With this on the table and with the increase in water testing fees and operating expenses, members from the floor recommended an increase in annual fees from $25 to $35 per year. This was carried with a large majority in favour.

The success of the family BLA Regatta was also celebrated at the AGM. Thanks to Jon Deveth and his crew of neighbours who helped, the 2nd annual Brandy Lake Regatta was a great success. This is such a fun family event and we encourage everyone to mark it on your calendar for this summer. It will be held on Aug 17th. Bring your children, grandchildren and visitors. It is truly a blast! Many thanks to Laura Stevens for donating the tee-shirts to the participants. Although the unique Paddle Trophy will become a coveted award with each passing year, the mixed ages and families participating in a variety of events guarantees everyone leaves a winner.

While production is still in the planning stages we have heard that copies of an artistic map of Brandy Lake, designed by one of our own, may be for purchase this season. Stay tuned as the details unfold. Funds raised will support the children’s activities on the lake. We have also had a member express an interest in developing a Facebook page in addition to our website presence. This is in the exploratory phase.


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