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Brandy Lake Muskoka

Blue Green Algae Reported on Brandy Lake

News Release from Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit Please find below the release posted by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit regarding blue green algae on the lake. Blue-green algae confirmed in the west end of Brandy Lake, Township of Muskoka Lakes Sep 12, 2019 Township of Muskoka Lakes — The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) has been advised by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) that laboratory tests have confirmed the presence of a blue-green algae bloom in the west end of Brandy Lake, Township of Muskoka Lakes. Township of Muskoka Lakes —...

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Watch Your Wake

Lakes and rivers in Muskoka are fragile environments. Fish, wildlife habitat, shorelines and shoreline structures are vulnerable to damage from boat wakes. Wake generated from some boating practices can also be dangerous to others using the waterways for recreational activities.

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Muskoka Flood and Brandy Lake Freshet

It is that time of year again, where the snow pack melts and at the same time the spring rains are coming in; the annual freshet is almost behind us! We had our share of snow this year, with very little melting in between.  Freezing rain events during February and March hardened the snow pack, so the snow cover in Muskoka was deep and melted slowly. Temperatures during the early spring stayed low, especially overnight. The Algonquin snow pack was estimated to have been 50% higher this year, but the moisture content was 300% higher than last year. This all changed April 17, with a...

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Muskoka Etiquette

Here are a few suggestions from the Muskoka Ratepayers’ Association on what we consider to be good “cottage etiquette” when enjoying your Muskoka vacation property. Basically, this simply means …being a good neighbour. FOR SAFETY, KNOW YOUR 911 CIVIC ADDRESS AND THE CORRECT NAME OF THE ROAD YOU ARE ON. ALSO, WE RECOMMEND YOU HAVE A FIRE PLAN IN PLACE. • Boating Safety - Various boat licensing opportunities are available on-line, or in kiosks throughout the area during the summer. Take note of anyone paddling a motorized boat to see if they need help due to engine trouble. • Boat Wakes can...

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Highlights from the 2019 Muskoka Watershed Stewardship Conference

Our Actions Matter -  Everything we do has either a positive or negative impact on our watershed (We are all standing on a watershed wherever we are). Brandy Lake and the adjacent wetlands are part of one of the 17 watersheds that make up the Muskoka Watershed. The conference focused on the importance of the Muskoka Watershed to human health, economic health, and ecological health and the need to manage these needs as we adapt to a changing climate. From the perspective of Brandy Lake and our watershed the following information from the conference has particular relevance to us. There are...

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The Township of Muskoka Lakes is located in Restricted Fire Zone RFZ 27 (District of Muskoka). The Muskoka Fire Season runs April 1st to October 31st each year. The rating is verified daily and updated whenever the rating changes. The Muskoka Fire Danger Rating is determined using the Fire Weather Index (FWI), an internationally used method for determining the risk of fires in open air. It uses factors such as the relative humidity, temperature, previous 24-hour rain amount, wind directions and wind speed in combination with the forest fuel type and loads to determine the risk of the forest...

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Protecting Brandy Lake from Blue Green Algae

One of the greatest assets we have as the Brandy Lake community is the quality of our water. In order to protect our lake from the threat of blue-green algae, our vigilance as property owners is critical. As we look forward to spring and opening the cottage our collective resolve to avoid all use of herbicides, pesticides and especially fertilizers will make the difference. Secondly, we can each take responsibility for ensuring our  septic system is healthy. The third thing we can each do is naturalize our shoreline. This shoreline buffer goes a long way to protecting the lake from...

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Membership Fees

Your new membership director, Derek Stevens will be looking for ways to continue to streamline the collection of dues. 2019/2020 is a new membership period and members are encouraged to choose the 2-year payment option, now $70.   Members will be able to renew online and e-transfer funds directly to our treasurer. (contact info below) If you would like to participate in the door to door follow up, let us know. We work hard to continue to have one of the highest percentage of Brandy Lake seasonal and year-round residents who are members of our lake association.  Members are what make the...

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Highlights from 2018

Our AGM had the greatest attendance in a number of years and a very positive and productive level of participation.  Thanks were extended to departing executive members Fred Kelsey and Donna Trella for their contributions in the past years. Margrit Kroll was acclaimed the new Director at Large and the current executive, listed at the bottom of this newsletter, were introduced. This year’s AGM will be Aug. 24th. Please plan to join us. Water quality and water testing, protecting Brandy lake from blue/green algal blooms, monitoring District and Municipal Official Plans for impact on site...

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Three options to pay your 2019 BLA membership

  1. Two-year membership with a signed limited edition watercolour print of Brandy Lake ($35 + $35 + $40) – SOLD OUT 
  2. Two-year membership ($35 + $35)
  3. One-year membership ($35)